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Located along the Little Miami National Wild and; Scenic River, the Newtown area has been inhabited for nearly 3,000 years. The Adena, Woodland, and Fort Ancient peoples left world-renowned sites and artifacts, while European pioneers settled here in the late 1700s. Now Newtown is a vibrant Midwestern village with well-kept homes, excellent parks, a link to the Little Miami Bike Trail, and a unique business district. Enjoy your visit to our website—and please see us in person soon!


-The End of Newtown-

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Newtown flyer, side 1   Newtown flyer, side 2















Diagram of the Eastern Corridor over Newtown Road (click to enlarge):


EC diagram over Newtown Road






Read more at - Check out Segment II – III Relocated SR 32



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Please consider signing the following petitions opposing the Eastern Corridor:


Sign the Petition:  DO NOT Relocate State Route 32 through Newtown


Sign the Petition:  DO NOT Relocate State Route 32 through Mariemont



CPC Letter to Hamilton County Engineer Ted Hubbard and Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger



This information is brought to you by the Newtown Community Partnership Committee:

Mike Arnold

Beth Bamber

Cathy Burger

Justin Cooper, Hafner & Sons

Curt Cosby, Mayor

Matt Cuff, Just Q’in

Chris Curran, Sierra Club

Turpin Fischer, Turpin Farms

Warren Hensel, Shawnee Systems

Chuck Hertel, Edward Jones

Mark Kobasuk, Council Member and Chair

Jack Kraeutler, Meridian Bioscience

Dan Motz, Motz Turf Farm

John Russell, former Mayor

Sandy Russell

Chuck Short, Council Member

Tom Synan, Police Chief

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