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Located along the Little Miami National Wild and; Scenic River, the Newtown area has been inhabited for nearly 3,000 years. The Adena, Woodland, and Fort Ancient peoples left world-renowned sites and artifacts, while European pioneers settled here in the late 1700s. Now Newtown is a vibrant Midwestern village with well-kept homes, excellent parks, a link to the Little Miami Bike Trail, and a unique business district. Enjoy your visit to our website—and please see us in person soon!


The Newtown Municipal Center is three new facilities located in one historic building. The back half of the old fire house has been renovated as Village offices and conference space. Newtown Village Council chambers now occupy the former fire truck bay in the front of the building. With the design help of the Cincinnati Museum Center and a grant from the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, the Municipal Center houses a new American Indian Education Center which surrounds Council chambers.


Brochure: Newtown Municipal Center and American Indian Education Center

Village Office – Municipal Center

Village Administrator

Name: Jerry Thamann

Assistant to the Mayor and Website Administrator

Video of the ribbon cutting and interior