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Located along the Little Miami National Wild and; Scenic River, the Newtown area has been inhabited for nearly 3,000 years. The Adena, Woodland, and Fort Ancient peoples left world-renowned sites and artifacts, while European pioneers settled here in the late 1700s. Now Newtown is a vibrant Midwestern village with well-kept homes, excellent parks, a link to the Little Miami Bike Trail, and a unique business district. Enjoy your visit to our website—and please see us in person soon!

Finance/Income Tax

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Good government dictates that the taxpayers who are paying the bills know how their money is being spent. Visit, to see how your taxpayer dollars are being spent. was launched on December 2, 2014, marking the first time in Ohio history when citizens could actually see every expenditure in state government. is a first-of-its-kind government transparency website that shows taxpayers exactly how their tax money is being spent.  This initiative sets a new national standard for transparency in state and local government. In an effort to promote transparency, Mayor Kobasuk and Village Council agreed to participate in the OhioCheckbook initiative.  The Village of Newtown is excited to participate and partner with the Ohio Treasurer of State’s Office in this important initiative.




The Village of Newtown has a 1% Municipal Income Tax, administered by the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.).


For Tax Forms or Information, please feel free to contact (M-Fri 8am to 4:30pm)


The Village of Newtown Income Tax Department

3537 Church Street

Newtown, Ohio 45244

(513) 561-7097


Regional Income Tax Agency


All residents and individuals working within the Village of Newtown, 18 years or older, are required to file municipal income tax returns regardless if any tax is owed.


Municipal Income Tax Ordinance – 2016


RITA Flyer (pdf)


Taxpayers have the ability to electronically file and pay their individual income tax returns by accessing


R.I.T.A. E-File provides:

  • Ability to calculate your tax liability
  • Ability to pay electronically using major credit cards or ACH debit
  • Paperless returns
  • Faster refunds


Business Registration Form


The Regional Income Tax Agency Form 48, Business Registration Form, captures critical taxpayer information required to properly register and serve the business community.


Taxpayers can print or download Form 48 here or by visiting the R.I.T.A. web site. If a paperless solution is preferred, businesses may also register with R.I.T.A. online by visiting their website at and clicking the “E-Registration” logo.


If you have any questions regarding the Business Registration Form 48 or questions relating to Business Registration, feel free to contact Mark Taranto (Director of Business Audit) at (440) 922-3286 or Ron Dawson (Registration Supervisor) at (440) 922-3257.