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Located along the Little Miami National Wild and; Scenic River, the Newtown area has been inhabited for nearly 3,000 years. The Adena, Woodland, and Fort Ancient peoples left world-renowned sites and artifacts, while European pioneers settled here in the late 1700s. Now Newtown is a vibrant Midwestern village with well-kept homes, excellent parks, a link to the Little Miami Bike Trail, and a unique business district. Enjoy your visit to our website—and please see us in person soon!

Property Maintenance

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Property Maintenance Office


The Village of Newtown enforces the International Property Maintenance Code (IMPC)


The broad purpose of the Village of Newtown’s property maintenance code establishes standards to protect the public health, safety and welfare in both existing residential and nonresidential structures and on all existing premises within the community.


Four specific areas are addressed within the Village of Newtown’s property maintenance code:


  1. Establishing minimum maintenance standards for such elements as basic equipment, light, ventilation, heating, sanitation and fire safety.


  1. Placing responsibility among owners, operators and occupants for following the property maintenance code.


  1. Regulating the use of existing structures and premises.


  1. Providing for administration, enforcement and penalties for violation of the property maintenance code.


These four categories provide the Village of Newtown with the tools to help reduce risks created by deteriorated or unsafe buildings and to help the community upgrade and maintain other existing structures.  This process enhances property values within the community.


It is important to note that compliance with the Village of Newtown’s property maintenance code is the main objective and court action is typically the last resort.  However, court action is occasionally necessary to achieve code compliance.


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