The New­town Police Depart­ment Crime Pre­ven­tion Pro­gram offers a num­ber of ser­vices and engages neigh­bor­hoods, busi­nesses, indi­vid­u­als and groups in under­stand­ing the impor­tance of crime pre­ven­tion. It is our goal to work with res­i­dents on crime pre­ven­tion efforts and improve inter­ac­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion from the police depart­ment. By work­ing together we can do a bet­ter job of pre­vent­ing crimes of oppor­tu­nity and appre­hend­ing crim­i­nals.


The Pro­gram includes:


• Secu­rity Risk Assess­ments:

Sched­ule a site secu­rity check with the Crime Pre­ven­tion Offi­cer to learn how to make your home or busi­ness more secure against crime. This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


• Vaca­tion Check Request / Away Noti­fi­ca­tion


• Edu­ca­tional Mate­ri­als:

Down­load the infor­ma­tional mate­ri­als posted to this web page. Share them with your friends and neigh­bors. 

Home Secu­rity Check­list Adobe PDF Icon

This check­list was designed to help you make a secu­rity sur­vey of your own home.

Busi­ness Secu­rity Check­list 64px Adobe Icon

This check­list was designed to help you make a secu­rity sur­vey of your busi­ness.

Vaca­tion Check­list Adobe PDF Icon

Going to be out of town for a few days on vaca­tion or busi­ness? Make sure you read this check­list on bur­glary pre­ven­tion before you leave.

Door-to-Door Solic­i­tors Adobe PDF Icon

Door-to-door solic­i­tors may have other motives than sell­ing mag­a­zines or ser­vices when going door-to-door, such as bur­glary or theft. In an effort to help com­bat against these types of crimes, the New­town Police Depart­ment would like review this doc­u­ment.

Your Own Per­sonal Safety Check­list Adobe PDF Icon

You’re often told not to be a vic­tim of crime. But you may won­der how to ensure that. While no one can guar­an­tee your total safety, you can lessen the chance of being a vic­tim by mak­ing it more dif­fi­cult for a would-be thief or attacker.


If you have infor­ma­tion on any crime(s) you can anony­mously sub­mit a tip to the New­town Police Depart­ment by fill­ing out the New­town Police — Sub­mit a Tip form.